Monday, November 16, 2015

New places

Do you guys have any local spots that you just haven't made the time to get out to? Don't worry, I do too. Well, I am happy to say that I officially checked one of them out! I went on a hike to one of the MANY spots in this massive national park. 

Yosemite....yeah i know, I live within 3 hours of this place yet I had never been. Its one of those things where you live so close that you kinda put it off you know? Like tourists from other places come to Yosemite to check it out! Yet I somehow have never been. I am happy to say that I loved this magical place. The amount of sheer beauty that this place exudes is unreal. Not to sound too damn cheesy but it really is that amazing. We hiked though one of the many different trails and once we came to a point in the road we decided to go a little off trail hiking. While everyone was looking at this beautiful waterfall from a far we managed to climb through plants and rock to get a front row seat. We sat on this massive rock with the best view while we ate some snacks that we had packed.  Perfect little afternoon in some place new. I have plans to go back in the future, hopefully one day hiking Half Dome.  Until next time...  

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