About Me

Hi! I’m Julie a 26 year old indecisive artist and crafting procrastinator. I am an undeniably awkward person with a gutter mind and mouth alike. I love all types of art and believe there is always something special and different with each medium. I find that I become obsessed with a certain medium but before I know it, something else catches my eye and I’m onto the next. This is who I am and I wouldn't want it any other way. This way of thinking also spills into my daily life. My staple mediums are: Acrylic painting, sewing, photography/ videography, felting, journal making and DIY crafting. One White boot is a place where I share my daily imperfect strange life, my current art adventures along with other artists and item spotlights that you should all see! I can be vulgar at times….. sorry/ fair warning. I don’t edit myself in person so why edit myself online?  This is a place where you can secretly (or not so secretly} peek into my life.  Everyday is amazing, you need to just go for it! Lets do this together :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something you enjoy!