Friday, July 15, 2016

July book club: Big Magic part one and two

You made it back!

Hello… I missed you. This week we will be discussing part one and two of Elizabeth Gilberts book “Big Magic”.

I decided the way I was going to set up the discussion is by asking a few questions where you guys, and myself, can respond in the comments.

Discussion questions:

1.    Any favorite quotes from the book so far? This book is prime for highlighting and underlining special parts that resonate with you.
2.    Part one is titled courage, are there parts of your life, creatively, or otherwise that you fear to take on? What do you believe is holding you back?
3.    Did any of Elizabeth’s insight about being brave resonate with you if so which part?
4.    One of my favorite parts from this section of the book talks about making space for fear along side creativity instead of trying to kill it off. What does this look like in your life?
5.    Part two, titled enchantment, starts to really break down the magic of creativity, ideas and inspiration. Did any quotes resonate within you?
6.     Elizabeth shares that, 

Ideas will try to get your attention. but after a while they will grow tired of waiting and leave you. Has this ever happened in any aspect of your life?

6.    Did any particular chapter in this section stand out to you more than the others?

Your  next assignment is to read part three and part four, then come back next Tuesday July 19th  for some discussion.

(Don’t worry if you would like to ready ahead no biggie, just no spoilers please. )

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