Tuesday, June 28, 2016

July Book club pick : Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Guess what it's time for? Book club! 
So, I have to admit I have never actually been apart of a book club before so I am kind of bs-ing this. Will I let this mere fact stop me?

Hellz to the no. I wanted to see how a book club would go over with you all. I was thinking that if enough people took part in it, and enjoyed it we could do a monthly or bi-monthly club (baby steps) lets get through month one first.

The book that I picked for this month is called, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. (Name sound familiar?)

That’s because she also wrote the best seller, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Whether you love or hate that book please, please, please, give this book a chance. It's life changing! (Okay, so you’re thinking that I’m dramatic…?)
True. However, this book did seriously change my life, it sparked an ember I knew was there all along but wasn’t able to lite myself. It made sense of the floating thoughts and ideas that I had about inspiration and creativity.

I have always been imaginative and creative, since I can remember being in my back yard a little girl making mud pies, putting on circus shows for my stuffed animals, or my favorite, painting on a thick colorful plastic easel.  The long roll of white butcher paper draped over top while I, wearing my canvas smock or my designated painting shirt per my mother request , just painted.

 I have never felt better than when I was creating. It’s funny when you are a child creating seems easy. It felt natural; there was never any self-doubt, guilt or anxiety attached to it. It felt free. When I grew up I noticed that these things started to attach themselves like leaches onto my creative being. I felt doubtful that what I was creating was any good, guilty that instead of knowing what I wanted to do for my career path and going in full steam ahead like my peers I wanted to create, and anxious that this wasn’t the way it was suppose to be. Sure I knew I was creative but did that mean that I actually needed to create? Isn’t that for children, the dreaming, wondering and carelessness? I felt this internal pull of doing what is “normal” vs. doing what my soul needed (honestly I still feel it but now I am better equipped to deal with it).

“Okay julie, why the hell are you rambling?  Get to the damn book already”

(Hehe, sorry back to the book!)
This book is magical, informative and blunt all in a great way.
You may be thinking that you’re not an artist, not a creative being, how could you possibly relate to this book? I truly believe that we are all creative beings by nature.

A quote in the book asks,

Intrigued? Perfect lets go!

If you are down to be apart of this months book club, grab a copy of the book, your assignment is to read part one and part two, then come back next Tuesday July 12th for some discussion.

Don’t worry if you would like to ready ahead no biggie, just no spoilers please.  Leave a little note below if you’re game to join in on this months book club 

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