Saturday, August 23, 2014

Today is the bleeping day! ( Oh, yes... and hello)

           I have wanted to start thing up for a long long time now! After every excuse known to man, well my brain at least, I have decided to jump in the pool and hope for the best. I began wanting to create this blog a few years ago, after catching myself day dreaming about having somewhere to update things that were going on in my personal life, as well as show the people, and things I thought  were interesting. I want to show off the art, artists, and all around amazing people that I have come across. I want to have a place where someone can look and say in their head " Holy Shit, That is awesome", or on the contrary ( Holy Shit, I don't like that at all). Either way it would be seen, felt and explored. Since this is my first post, and I will be adding more as time goes on, hang in there with me. I know I will stumble a little on the way, possibly even hate doing this ( I feel it is very unlikely), but none the less I will grow and learn. Isn't that all life is about? Well that and... delicious baked treats, friends, puppies, new paint tubes, coffee, and even a little "good" trashy television shows now and then.
So with out further ado....                                

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