Sunday, October 5, 2014

Before we move forward, lets go back!

So I have had the name One White Boot picked out for a couple of years now. I know that seems strange since I have just recently launched my blog but it is true. In the past I have been a big ass scaredy baby cat ( yes that bad). I kept making open promises to myself that one day I would carve out my own little seat here and actually start this blog up. #failure I gave myself every excuse known to man, "I don't have the time", "dude, your grammar and spelling sucks with a capital S", " I need to make it look perfect before I can even think about writing" and so on.

Back when those days first started I gave myself the task to come up with a name, something that would describe what I wanted to do, something that was personal, and not to boring. After throwing around some horrible names my sister helped me to narrow it down to the ones that didn't make her give me that (ehhhh it's...alright...I guess) look. I decided that One White Boot just stuck with me. Yeah I know, I know I don't make or sell boots so what the heck?!

Well to get a good understanding of the name I need to step back a good five or so years ago. My ex boyfriend and I decided that we really really wanted to get a puppy, we tossed around the idea of a few different dogs, but I knew in my gut the kind I wanted SOOO badly. The cutest little tan puppy with black ears and the face that looked like he ran into a wall at high speeds, a PUG! Man do not get me started about my love for pugs, I literally can't even think about them without having my heart start to race. It is that bad, I'm talking I am wearing pug socks right now....that bad. Well once we decided that it would have to be a pug, we started looking around. Finally after a while of searching we found a fresh litter of little squish balls. Looking back I know now how many little pugs are at rescues and in the future will most likely rescue and re home one of those little guys. We picked one out and I thought up the perfect name for him, Pickleo aka Pickle. He was the sweetest, kindest, most loyal dog. I miss him every single day, unless you have been separated from your dogs you won't understand the empty hole that always resides within. Fast forward a little and he became a papa pug to a litter of 6 puppies.  I helped deliver all of the puppies, it was such a special experience I will never forget. The sweetest little puppy came out completely tan EXCEPT one white paw. When I first saw her I knew I was in love. Actually when she first came out I thought she was a he so I named her Micheal Jackson because she looked like she had a white glove on. Come to find out she did not have a wiener and so we named her MJ or Emmy for short.

Baby Emmy

Pickle boy!

So back to the reason why I choose this name, I tried to think of the things that had my heart. My dogs, I imagined using Emmy in my banner with her little "white boot". I'm not going to go into the details but when we broke up, I did not end up with my dogs. Trust me I think of them EVERY single day. With time comes a little more healing and although it still aches it is in the past. I decided that I was going to keep the name in memory of my little snorty cows.....and so One White Boot will stay.

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