Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quick 15 minute drawing/watercolor exercise

Hello friends! Happy Fall :) I can't tell you how excited I am that it is finally fall time, I'm imaging warm drinks soft new sweatshirts and homemade soup. Besides the fact that I live in northern California and this weekend will be around 93 degrees, I'm not going to let that burst my bubble. Lately I have been working ALOT going in between two jobs leaves me little time to paint/create. Creating for me is such an outlet, it helps to calm my nerves and lets me express things in my head without having to say them aloud. I decided that I need to start doing some super quick painting exercises to help me keep practicing while also getting that little creating "high" that comes with. I noticed these beautiful colored leaves while walking into work and decided to grab them and use them for this exercise. 

You don't need to use any specific medium for these exercises, I have been wanting to practice using watercolor more since I am use to acrylic. You could use any mediums that you would like, paint, pens, charcoal, pencil, gouache. Anything that your little heart desires will work. These exercises are not about the finished product. They are about giving your self a set time to really just stay focused and practice. Often times I get stuck in this " I suck at using ______" rut and totally talk myself out of even trying.  I grabbed my leaves, my watercolor sets, journal and set my timer to 15 minutes. Ready...set....GO!

 I never claim to be Michelangelo, hahahah the thought actually makes me laugh a little. I just love to create and paint, for me this is enough. I thought that 15 minutes would be such a long time until I heard that bell. "Damn that was quick". This is the result of my quick 15 minute exercise. I have to say I really enjoyed myself while doing this. I felt free, I wasn't worrying about if everything was proportioned correctly. I was just there in that bubble of time painting. That is good enough for me. Now its your turn, don't let yourself talk you out of it, its only 15 minutes what do you have to lose? :)

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