Monday, September 29, 2014

September snapshots & roundup

Man September went by soooooooo quickly. I usually end up saying this after each month that goes by but seriously this one did! Another month closer to rain, hot drinks and homemade soup...mmmmm

I celebrated my 26th birthday this month

Did some gold panning with great friends
 Took a good friend out for a spontaneous bachelorette party
 Ugh traffic traffic traffic at the new job

 My sister and nephew melt my heart
 Niece, nephew and family moved into their dream home yay! 
 Sundays are for relaxing
Fishing into the late night
 Our great friends got married it was beautiful.

September roundup

Favorite new show : Angels among us

Favorite foods:  Crab, Crab, Crab mmmm

Favorite drink: I'm still on my iced latte kick!

Favorite medium: Watercolor

Favorite song: Stay high- Tove lo & anything Jhene Aiko 

Favorite quote: "The trouble is you think you have time" - Buddha

Favorite part of the month : Going on lots of adventures to find gold/crystals & late night fishing trips

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