Friday, September 12, 2014

26 things to do before 27

        For the past few years I have been keeping a sort of bucket list for the upcoming year in one of my handmade journals. I started on my 22 birthday and decided that I would write down 22 things to do before I turned 23. I had this vision that I would do all 22 items on the list no problem, wrong. Life happens and before I knew it the journal was tucked away in a drawer where I would come across it every now and then. A few birthdays came and went and before I knew it I was adding items and changing the title. It went from 22 things to do before 23, 23 things to do before 24, 24 things to do before 25, 25 things to do before 26, and finally now 26 things to do before 27. Man writing that was a little painful. Where did all the time go?! Granted I have mostly completed the list with only a few stragglers left. I also am adding another one for this upcoming year. Guys I am determined to finish this list, that way this time next year I can create a whole new list! Are you with me? .... Well either way I am finishing this damn list!




1. Get moved into a house I love
2. Begin to write/illustrate my first children's book
3. Complete a scrapbook for someone
4. Have my very own craft room
5. Get a new job that I love
6. Get on a plane, fly, survive
7. Make at least 15 journals
8. Learn to sew
9. Make an inspiration board
10. Stretch my own canvas
11. Ride my bike downtown
12. Sell a piece of my art
13. Make a series of plates, cups, or teacups
14. See someone, talk it out (anxiety)
15. Blog/vlog
16. Start to recycle (lower my carbon footprint)
17. Learn to change my cars oil
18. Learn a song on a piano
19. Let go of the negative
20. Fill 3 large jars with buttons
21. Organize
22. 15 paintings 
23. Ride on a motorcycle
24. Yoga
25. Go to another country
26. Meditate at least once a day for at least a month straight. ( I'm hoping to make this an everyday occurrence later on)

I bolded the few off the list that I still have left to do. Also, I decided I need to add one for this up coming year. My goal is to start meditating more, to really put it in front of other parts of my day and realize that it is like a muscle that I must work out. I have found that having this list throughout the year has really helped me to remember my yearly goals. :) Challenge accepted! 

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