Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Moon Intentions

Guys, yesterday was this months New Moon!! Yay!!'re not as excited as I am? Well you should be! New moons happen once a month and with them comes a chance for a new beginning and clean slate. It is a time for planting little ideas and goals, really thinking about your monthly intentions and recharging your previous goals. Whether you know it or not, we all put out intentions, lust over our dreams and deepest desires. New moons give us a chance to do this consciously, a chance to sit down and write these intentions somewhere safe. I have a small faux leather book that I have created to do just that! There is something so powerful about consciously taking time to sit down and really go over your dreams, goals and what you want your life to look like. Everyone is so different from one another so all of our intentions will look different. There is no wrong way to do this.
Now I know a lot of you may not want to do the same "ritual" as I do for this process, thats okay! I like to burn sage in the room where I am going to write down my intentions. Yes, I do this while my BF is in the room inhaling this amazingly cleansing  smoke hehe can we all say GOOD SPORT!

I take time to find a quiet place and meditate a little, if you haven't started meditating yet... dude you are missing out! Its like a magical silent cotton candy land inside of your mind. It centers me like nothing else (not even wine) and we all know I love me some delicious red wine. Usually after I mediate things seem to become a lot more clear, the time after I meditate is when I like to focus in on my intentions for the month. So lets say, you don't have sage and you don't meditate? Well, FAIL.... just kidding you don't need these things to plant your intentions. You just need a quiet comfortable place for a little while and a few of your favorite things. Things that help to calm you, help you focus, create you own perfect little sacred space. I love crystals they help me to feel calm, safe, and relaxed. I always bring them with me when I need a little comfort.

So now you are sitting in your little calming space and you are feeling inspired to write down these little monthly gems, take out a notebook of your choice and begin to write down as many or as few as you would like. Since there is a new moon every month make sure to allow yourself some smaller goals, not everything has to be a life changing or major.

After you have these written down it is time to send these out into the universe! Close your eyes and one by one imagine what it would be like to have these desires be truth. I'm not talking imagine wanting them, I mean imagine that these are happening now, you have them. What does it look like to you? See the sights, smell the smells, hear this sounds. Now that you are consciously aware of your intentions, make sure to keep imagining these, keep them on your mind throughout the month. Every New Moon take our your journal and begin to examine what has changed, cross off those on the list that need to be. I hope you enjoy this process as much as I do! Time to get this damn ball rolling. I believe in you.

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