Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feeling stuck.

It happens to the best of us, Life just happens and the plans we hold so highly just seem to get pushed      back. I feel like I'm in this place. I am determined  to get through it, as much as I love to write for my blog and record for my YouTube channel it seems like sometimes they get pushed behind. 

Within the last few weeks I have been doing a so called routine to help me feel in a creative mood, maybe some of these will help you if you ever feel in this place.

Step One: Put on some PJ's now this may sound silly but seriously think about when you feel the most comfortable and relaxed. For me this is when I have cozy, comfy pants on!

Step Two: Light a candle. Right now I am feeling fifty shades of festive so I am constantly burning a cranberry/cinnamon style one. The smell and look of a burning candle just makes me feel so happy.

Step Three: Make a little nest of a spot. I am all about how I feel in certain places, some people might feel content to create anywhere... not me! For the most part I need to feel like the spot that I choose is the perfect little nest of warm vibes for me at that time. Find this spot, don't feel weird if it happens to be in the corner beside a bookcase. Just go with it.

Step Four: Warm delicious beverage. Dude, is there seriously anything better than a big mug of something warm and delicious to drink during fall? Nope.

Step Five: Force yourself to just jump into whatever you're doing at that time. Whether it be painting, crafting, recording, or writing. Do first think after. This leads to tons of "wtf" things but it helps me to break through what I am going through.

I know I can't be the only one to feel stuck at times....right?! I hope not. It literally pains me to think that I am letting this happen and not doing things that I enjoy because of it. As of now I am going to just keep doing and hoping that the fog will soon clear...

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