Monday, December 15, 2014

Exploring the Sierras (picture heavy)

    Recently Brandon and I took a trip up to the Sierras to stay in a cabin of one of his workers (thanks again Pete). We left the day after Thanksgiving in the early afternoon, I can't explain the feeling that I get when we are all packed up and ready to head out for an adventure. I feel in my purest form, just sincerely happy. Traveling to me is about the exploration, the freedom and the spontaneity. Not knowing what lies ahead, sometimes not even knowing the destination. You are forced to live in that exact moment and just be. 

It took us about three hours to get to the cabin, we were staying right past Big Tree National Forrest. It is named Big Tree for a reason! These beautiful trees are so massive, it almost looks like you are in a different world once you are there. We repelled down by rope 165 feet into a cavern where we spent the next three hours crawling through mud exploring the cave. We were put into so many tight spaces that would make most people would feel claustrophobic. Knowing that we were so far deep underground was scary yet exhilarating. We stayed for a few nights and then drove back home in time to make it to work the next day. Back to reality. These trips are what keep me going, they give me things to look forward to. Traveling is something that I have grown to have a deep passion for. We have a few trips planned coming up and I can't wait to pack my bags and get on that jet plane. 

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