Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Early week blues.

Hey guys!

I know how the early week blues can totally affect your moods and feelings. When I was working Monday through Friday, Monday and Tuesdays were by far the hardest! It felt like my soul was being drained sitting in traffic for hours on end. The beginning days of the week felt like staring up at the workweek mountain, knowing that you had a while until you would reach the top. On extra bad days I would MAKE (yes I mean force) myself to write down three reasons why the day was nice, or what I was grateful for. 

I did a quick watercolor for you guys to remind you to do the same! I hope this can help you take the time to at least find three beautiful things about today. Each day brings something new and special.

I saved this on my iPad so that I could open it up and write on it in my Sketchbook program whenever I needed a reminder myself. :)

Use the hashtag Owbblog if you decide to post it online. I love seeing what beauty everyone finds in the day.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, wait until friday and add excess amounts of vodka!

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