Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top 5 podcasts of summer 15

I was first turned onto podcasts when I began a new job where I had quite a lengthy commute. I would sit in an hour and a half of traffic one way to work and just remember being SOOO bored with the radio stations. I signed up for an online audio book subscription but found myself listening to the books front to back. I would end up with no book "credits" left and was back to square one. I was working at a school and the teacher whom I worked for started to talk about a podcast called Serial. (P.S. If you haven't listened and like murder mysteries GO...NOW!) I started to browse around and realize that there were podcasts on every topic imaginable. BINGO. In a way podcasts helped to save my sanity during these epically long commutes. If you aren't on the podcast train well, beep beep the train has arrived.

These podcasts are in no particular order but are my top 5 podcasts of this year/summer 2015.

1. One Part Podcast-

Jessica Murnane hosts this awesome, inspiring and creative podcast. She interviews some of the coolest creative people around, from food, fashion, wellness, artists & designers. The podcast is on a current hiatus but is set to come back at the end of August. If you love hearing about other creativity or just need some inspiration check this one out.

2. Mystery Show

This podcast randomly fell into my lap while I was browsing around the podcast store. Starlee Kine hosts this podcast where she solves mysteries that people bring to her. This is totally not on the grand scale that Serial was on but none the less she uses her wits, humor, and outspoken personality to crack the cases. Want some thing light yet intriguing? Check this one out.

3. Loveline-

First of all YOU LIVE! If you understand that saying then go right ahead and skip over this one. So what can I say about Loveline... I often tell people that one of my all time favorite podcasts is Loveline. The typical response that I get it," that's still going?!" along with a completely baffled look. YES Loveline is still going, and going strong might I add. Dr. Drew Pinsky and "Psycho" Mike Catherwood host this show where people all over North America call in for Sex, Dating, Relationship and Medical advice. They have tons of famous guests on the show which come out Sunday through Thursdays. Not only are you sure to learn something but you will also be that person literally laughing out loud while people look at you awkwardly. Own it.

4. Artists Helping Artists-

 Leslie Saeta hosts this podcast which is #1 on Blogtalk radio. Leslie is a seasoned artist who paints with a pallet knife instead of brushes. She has different guests on each week to give you tips and tricks about selling, advertising and knowledge of the business part of art. This blog deals with artwork as opposed to crafts.

5. Naturally Nicole -

We have now arrived to my guilty pleasure, well actually fuck it! No shame in my game... Nicole "Snooki" LaValle is best known from the MTV show Jersey Shore. I know what you're thinking.... TRAINWRECK. Well yes....and no. She has really turned herself around from those drunken television days. She has grown up to become a great mother and wife while she hasn't lost her potty mouth and don't give a shit attitude. #zerofuckstogive I listen to this podcast to crack up along side her and her best friend Joey. They talk about girl shit, mommy shit (literally and figuratively) and celeb gossip. You either like it or you don't, either way I won't judge to each their own.

I am a recent follower to this podcast, I haven't been listening for very long. It is a podcast on small business inspiration, motivation and knowledge. Totally right up my ally! So far I am really enjoying listening. Boom for a bonus.

What are your favorite podcasts? I'm always looking for new hidden gems on the web. 

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